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Solar Roof Systems

There are two ways to attach solar panels to standing seam metal roofs:

  1. Solar Photovoltaics (PV) laminate panel
  2. S-5 clips or mounting brackets


Solar PV laminate panel

A Solar PV thin laminate film is adhered inside the pan of a standing seam roof. It preforms better in high temperatures & partly shaded conditions. For more information on Solar PV visit atas.com.

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Using S-5!® clamp

The S-5 clamp attaches similar to a vise. It attaches to the roof panel seam and compresses over top of it by two screws. It then provides a flat area to mount brackets to.

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Visit S-5!® website to find out more about their solar attachment options: http://www.s-5.com/solar/index.cfm