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Insulation Systems

Buildings with effective insulation systems have a long-term impact of the environments with their ability to reduce energy consumption over and extended period of time. The reduction of energy used results in a decrease of energy cost.

Recycled Content of Fiberglass Insulation

(Percentages are by Weight)

Total Recycled Content 42.5%
Post-Consumer Recycled Content 36.5%
Post Industrial Recycled Content 6.0%


What is R-value?

The R-value is the unit of measurement of apparent thermal conductivity, or the resistance, of the flow of energy from warm to cold, and describes the rate that heat energy is transferred through materials. R-values are achieved by tiny air spaces that slow conductivity. Insulation with higher R-values will be more effective than those with lower R-values.


High R Systems

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R-Value Double Layer High R-Value
2.75″ R-8 3″ + 6″ R-29
3″ R-10 3.5″ + 6″ R-30
3.5″ R-11 4″ + 6″ R-32
4″ R-13 3″ + 8″ R-35
8″ R-25 3″ + 9.5″ R-40
9.5″ R-30

A large amount of energy is used to maintain comfortable temperatures in buildings by heating or cooling. Metal Buildings with High R Systems have high thermal performance thus saving the owner money in the long-term.


3 ways to achieve High R-Value

  1. Double Layer Banding System
  2. Energy Saver System
  3. Using Thermal Blocks


Double Layer Banding System

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Insulation is placed the roofs steel purlin cavities. Then insulation blankets are pre-cut to fit between the purlins. Afterward they are laminated using a vapor retarder polypropylene for a reflective interior finish. To provide additional R-Value a layer of un-faced fiberglass is installed perpendicular over the top of the purlins. The whole system is supported by a network of white steel bands fastened to the bottom of the roof purlins. To minimize thermal transfer through the purlins thermal blocks can be added.

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Energy Saver System

Similar to the double layer banding system the Energy Saver System as has the highest thermal performance in the industry. A seamless tear resistant energy saver fabric is installed with a network of steel banding. It conceals the secondary structural steel with a smooth, bright and durable finish. Between the purlins and over the top of them two layers of un-faced fiberglass is installed. This system provides excellent thermal isolation with having one of the best vapor retarder rating available.

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Using Thermal Blocks

Sealed N Safe Thermal blocks added a thermal break & additional R-Value. They can save the building owner thousands of dollars in energy and building costs. When installed it isolates the outer shell from the buildings steel frame. “The Performer” is a thermal block with a minimum R-6 rating it can increase a buildings insulation performance by up to 2 times. Overall customers using this system have received a return on their investment in around 12 months.

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